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String Manipulation Library (25)

Basic Access (3)

Name Function
Length s.len
Extract substring s.substr
Modify substring s.substrto

Search and Replace (6)

Name Function
Contains s.contains
Count instances s.count
Find first index s.index
Find last index s.rindex
Check start s.startswith
Check end s.endswith

Conversions to or from Other Types (5)

Name Function
Join an array of strings s.join
Split into an array of strings s.split
Format an integer as a string
Format a positive integer as hexidecimal s.hex
Format any number as a string s.number

Conversions to or from Other Strings (11)

Name Function
Concatenate two strings s.concat
Repeat pattern s.repeat
Lowercase s.lower
Uppercase s.upper
Left-strip s.lstrip
Right-strip s.rstrip
Strip both ends s.strip
Replace all matches s.replaceall
Replace first match s.replacefirst
Replace last match s.replacelast
Translate characters s.translate