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Array Manipulation Library (82)

Basic Access (7)

Short Description Function
Length a.len
Extract subsequence a.subseq
Extract the first item a.head
Extract all but the first item a.tail
Extract the last item a.last
Extract all but the last item a.init
Modify subsequence a.subseqto

Search and Replace (6)

Short Description Function
Contains a.contains
Count instances a.count
Find first index a.index
Find last index a.rindex
Check start a.startswith
Check end a.endswith

Manipulation (7)

Short Description Function
Concatenate two arrays a.concat
Append a.append
Append to a circular buffer with a maximum size a.cycle
Insert or prepend a.insert
Replace item a.replace
Remove item a.remove
Rotate an array left a.rotate

Reordering (4)

Short Description Function
Sort a.sort
Sort with a less-than function a.sortLT
Randomly shuffle array a.shuffle
Reverse order a.reverse

Extreme Values (16)

Short Description Function
Maximum of all values a.max
Minimum of all values a.min
Maximum with a less-than function a.maxLT
Minimum with a less-than function a.minLT
Maximum N items a.maxN
Minimum N items a.minN
Maximum N with a less-than function a.maxNLT
Minimum N with a less-than function a.minNLT
Argument maximum a.argmax
Argument minimum a.argmin
Argument maximum with a less-than function a.argmaxLT
Argument minimum with a less-than function a.argminLT
Maximum N arguments a.argmaxN
Minimum N arguments a.argminN
Maximum N arguments with a less-than function a.argmaxNLT
Minimum N arguments with a less-than function a.argminNLT

Numerical Combinations (9)

Short Description Function
Add all array values a.sum
Multiply all array values a.product
Sum of logarithms a.lnsum
Log of the sum of exponentials without roundoff error a.logsumexp
Arithmetic mean a.mean
Geometric mean a.geomean
Median a.median
Percentile in unit interval a.ntile
Mode, or most common value a.mode

Set or Set-like Functions (8)

Short Description Function
Distinct items a.distinct
Set equality a.seteq
Union a.union
Intersection a.intersection
Set difference a.diff
Symmetric set difference a.symdiff
Subset check a.subset
Disjointness check a.disjoint

Functional Programming (16)

Short Description Function
Transform array items with function
Transform array items, providing access to the index a.mapWithIndex
Filter array items with a function a.filter
Filter array items, providing access to the index a.filterWithIndex
Filter and map a.filterMap
Filter and map, providing access to the index a.filterMapWithIndex
Map and flatten a.flatMap
Map and flatten, providing access to the index a.flatMapWithIndex
Zip and map a.zipmap
Zip and map, providing access to the index a.zipmapWithIndex
Reduce array items to a single value a.reduce
Right-to-left reduce a.reduceRight
Fold array items to another type a.fold
Right-to-left fold a.foldRight
Take items until predicate is false a.takeWhile
Drop items until predicate is true a.dropWhile

Functional Tests (4)

Short Description Function
Existential check, a.any
Univeral check, a.all
Pairwise check of two arrays a.corresponds
Pairwise check, providing access to the index a.correspondsWithIndex

Restructuring (5)

Short Description Function
Sliding window a.slidingWindow
Unique combinations of a fixed size a.combinations
Permutations a.permutations
Flatten array a.flatten
Group items by category a.groupby