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Data Mining Library (23)

Regression (3)

Short Description Function
Apply the result of a linear regression model.reg.linear
Propagate uncertainties through a linear regression model.reg.linearVariance
Fit and predict a Gaussian Process model.reg.gaussianProcess

Decision and Regression Trees (7)

Short Description Function
All-in-one function for simplest case model.tree.simpleTree
Simple test function for a tree node model.tree.simpleTest
Test function for a tree node with logical operators model.tree.compoundTest
Test function with missing value handling model.tree.missingTest
Chain of surrogate tests model.tree.surrogateTest
Tree walk without explicit missing value handling model.tree.simpleWalk
Tree walk with three branches: pass, fail, and missing model.tree.missingWalk

Cluster Models (5)

Short Description Function
Closest cluster model.cluster.closest
Closest N clusters or N-nearest neighbours model.cluster.closestN
Random seeds for online clustering model.cluster.randomSeeds
Online clustering with k-means model.cluster.kmeansIteration
Update cluster using the mean of data points model.cluster.updateMean

Nearest Neighbor Models (3)

Short Description Function
K nearest points model.neighbor.nearestK
All points within R model.neighbor.ballR
Mean of a sample of points, with weights model.neighbor.mean

Naive Bayes (3)

Short Description Function
Bernoulli two-category likelihood model.naive.bernoulli
Multinomial multi-category likelihood model.naive.multinomial
Gaussian continuous likelihood model.naive.gaussian

Neural Networks (1)

Short Description Function
Feedforward neural network organized in layers model.neural.simpleLayers

Support Vector Machines (1)

Short Description Function
Basic SVM model.svm.score