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Date/Time Handling (18)

Extracting Conventional Time Units from Timestamp (8)

Short Description Function
Year from timestamp time.year
Month of year from timestamp time.monthOfYear
Day of year from timestamp time.dayOfYear
Day of month from timestamp time.dayOfMonth
Day of week from timestamp time.dayOfWeek
Hour of day from timestamp time.hourOfDay
Minutes past the hour from timestamp time.minuteOfHour
Seconds past the minute from timestamp time.secondOfMinute

Constructing Timestamp from Conventional Units (1)

Short Description Function
Make timestamp time.makeTimestamp

Querying Time Intervals (9)

Short Description Function
Seconds of minute range time.isSecondOfMinute
Minutes of hour range time.isMinuteOfHour
Hour of day range time.isHourOfDay
Day of week range time.isDayOfWeek
Day of month range time.isDayOfMonth
Month of year range time.isMonthOfYear
Day of year range time.isDayOfYear
Weekend range time.isWeekend
Working hours range time.isWorkHours