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Bytes Manipulation Library (23)

Basic Access (3)

Short Description Function
Length bytes.len
Extract subsequence bytes.subseq
Modify subsequence bytes.subseqto

Test Validity (6)

Short Description Function
Verify ASCII format bytes.isAscii
Verify LATIN-1 format bytes.isLatin1
Verify UTF-8 format bytes.isUtf8
Verify UTF-16 format bytes.isUtf16
Verify UTF-16 big endian format bytes.isUtf16be
Verify UTF-16 little endian format bytes.isUtf16le

Decode Bytes to Strings (6)

Short Description Function
Decode from ASCII format bytes.decodeAscii
Decode from LATIN-1 format bytes.decodeLatin1
Decode from UTF-8 format bytes.decodeUtf8
Decode from UTF-16 format bytes.decodeUtf16
Decode from UTF-16 big endian format bytes.decodeUtf16be
Decode from UTF-16 little endian format bytes.decodeUtf16le

Encode Strings to Bytes (6)

Short Description Function
Encode to ASCII format bytes.encodeAscii
Encode to LATIN-1 format bytes.encodeLatin1
Encode to UTF-8 format bytes.encodeUtf8
Encode to UTF-16 format bytes.encodeUtf16
Encode to UTF-16 big endian format bytes.encodeUtf16be
Encode to UTF-16 little endian format bytes.encodeUtf16le

Base64 Encoding (2)

Short Description Function
Encode bytes as a base64 string bytes.toBase64
Decode base64 string to bytes bytes.fromBase64